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The Motorsports industry is an odd duck in regards to the mentality of entitlement amongst its enthusiasts, and for years Dirt Digits has been caught up in the promotion of this attitude. Unfortunately it doesn't work. At least not from our perspective and in all fairness we blame ourselves. We have not properly capitalized on the network of sponsored riders for both professional and armature and consequently all we have done is give away real money without return for our investments. That said, the traditional model of give-give-give simply does not work without expectations placed on the sponsored enthusiast.

With only a fraction of a percent of all enthusiasts making a living within motorsports the numbers are not in our favor for a proper "pay-day" for our investments, and when a business is in it to make money, statuesque just doesn't cut it.  We believe it is important to support our community of enthusiast and this is why we have reworked a program that is reasonable for most people involved. Dirt Digits has made the decision to empower our loyal enthusiasts with the tools to get free and discounted product through our new Affiliate Support Program (ASP.)

What is ASP?

ASP allows us to widen the scope of our potential "Sponsored" enthusiasts by offering ASP members stepping blocks to gain deeper discounts and the potential for free product through the ASP Referral Credits and promotion of our products. Essentially ASP members are given a percentage discount for personal purchases and and Referral Discount Code (RDC) to earn Referral Credits for every referring sale made.

ASP Discount Purchases

ASP members will have an Affiliate log-in account on our web-store allowing them to purchase products using their ASP discount. An ASP member can make purchases on behalf of other people, but these sales will not count toward Referral Credits. Typically the ASP discount will be higher than the RDC amount and it will be up to you to decide if you want to earn the referral credits or hookup a friend. Again, only referral sales earn credits toward free product.

Referral Discounts, and Credits

Referral Discount CardWhen referred customers place an order they will need to use a special one-time use Referral Discount Code (RDC) during checkout for you to receive the credits. This RDC will be given to you to for enticing potential customers. Credits will be accrued using the following formula:

Formula For Referral Customer Credits

Referral Discount Code = (RDC)

  • (RDC Percentage) x (Referred Customer Subtotal*)/0.05=Credits (Convert RDC to decimal) Example: 10% --->(.10) x ($)250/.05=500 Credits | *Customer subtotals are the subtotals after their RDC discount and before shipping and taxes.
  • 100 Referral Credits=$1.00 product cash Example: 500 Credits/100=$5.00
    • The deeper the RDC the more credits you earn.
    • Your initial RDC percentage is decided by us, but you have the option to increase your RDC by transferring some or all of your ASP Discount to your RDC. You cannot transfer RDC percentages down to your ASP discount.
    • For example if you are given and entry level 15% ASP Discount and your initial RDC is 10% you can opt for an ASP discount of 10% in favor of an RDC of 15%.
    • This factor must be decided upon your ASP contract signing and cannot be changed for one year.

ASP Discount Level, and Upgrades

Like a traditional sponsorship program your performance, skill, and focus define your starting position within our ASP program. Initially we will be subjective upon your qualifications and placement within our program tiers, however we do offer some concrete guidelines to help you step up your placement within our program.

Tier Levels

Tier ASP Discount RDC Percentage
1 15% 10%
2 25% 15%
3 35% 20%

How do you step up your placement you ask?

Referrals, referral, referrals.  Referrals speak volumes to us because - well - it means you are working for us and making Dirt Digits money.  Your goal is to save money, and ours is to make it. It's that simple.

Here is how the ASP Discount Upgrade program works

All figures below are based on a 12 month period.
  • $500 Net Referral Sales = +2.5% ASP Discount
  • $1,000 Net Referral Sales= +2.5% ASP Discount
  • $2,000 Net Referral Sales = +5% ASP Discount
  • $5,000 Net Referral Sales = +15% ASP Discount

Each time your reach a milestone you retain the previous ASP Discount upgrade.  Total possible ASP Discount upgrades are 25%.  For example, if you started with an entry level 15% ASP Discount and referred $5,000 worth of referral orders your total combined ASP Discount would be 40% for the year. The following year will begin the review process over. Your referral performance will be heavily weighted upon review. Also, just so it is clear, you will need to resubmit your resume each year.

Great! Now how do I get started?

First thing to do is send in a resume to our ASP department. An online application form will be available shortly, but in the meantime we want a physical resume. Please include all the basic information and we will contact you with info to help you get started.

Please mail your resume to: ASP@DirtDigits.com

Dirt Digits Attn: ASP Departement 2158 Union Place Simi Valley, CA 93065

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