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We frequently receive customer requests to print unique logos such as; local shops, personal race teams, clothing companies etc. however we can only print these logos if the following logo submission guide is observed.


There are two basic digital artwork formats:

  • RASTERIZED – a pixel based image (think web images and digital camera photos)
  • VECTOR – a coordinate based image (think geometry class plotting graphs)


We can only accept VECTOR files.

Rasterized images simply DO NOT retain enough information to scale infinitely and retain high resolution. (See sample image)

Vector images DO scale infinitely with high resolution and the colors can be isolated and changed easily.


Submitting Accepted File Formats


We prefer all logos to be submitted in vector format any .eps or .ai file. 

We cannot use an .ai or .eps with a .jpeg embedded in the file. In this case the art would need to be converted into a vector version.


Art Recreation Fees


If you can only submit .jpegs or rarsterized pixel art we may be able convert simple-art free of charge, however if it is very complex logo we will have to charge you for it.

Our art charge is $50 per hour with a one hour minimum.


If you wish to receive a digital copy of the recreated art there is an additional $50 digital release fee. We charge this to avert people from simply using us as their personal designer as most professional designers charge significantly more than $50 for logo creations.


When sending logos please send them to the email address art@dirtdigits.com with your name and order information if it is an online order or phone order please specify. For any additional questions or information feel free to call us (805) 579-1111

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