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DP4 Official Number Plates

DP4 Official Number Plates
DP4 Official Number Plates
Please call 805-579-1111 to place your order. We are quickly building the product page, but until then you will need to place your order through the phone. You may call or text any questions to same number 805-579-1111.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the price for the set?

A: Initially we are targeting $75 for the side plates, front, and rear numbers with additional options available with their associated costs.

Q: When will they be available?

A: We are taking orders now, with a 2-4 day turnaround for standard orders.

Q: Do you offer plates to mount the decals?

A: Yes, we are offering two options; Universal aluminum plate with an undrilled mounting foot, and one version without the mounting foot. Both will be available in raw and black powdercoat. No mounting hardware will be provided. No holes will be provided. Raw $85, Powdercoated $125 per set.

Q: I already have side plates, will your graphics fit them?

A: We are working to grow our templates for off-the-shelf plates, but for now we can accommodate customers when they give us their dimensions, but no guarantees for a perfect fit. We will save your plates for reorders, and our product page will have the option to use your previous order's templates.

Q: Can I send in my templates to have them made for my custom made plates?

A: Yes. You can either send us a physical or digital template. For the physical, either send in the plate(s) or transfer their dimensions onto shelving paper (Target and Walmart available). Send them to 2158 Union Place, Simi Valley, CA 93065. For a digital version, either send us your CAD, or scanned template in PDF format to production@dirtdigits.com. Please include "DP4 Template" in the subject line.  You may also send in a photo of your plates with a 6" x 6" piece of tape or paper attached to the plate for scaling. Please make sure the photo(s) are as square on as possible. The reference square should appear square and not tilted.  No additional fee will be added to your order for custom templating your job. Again, we will save your order for future use.


If you are looking for the digital templates for the DP4 Plates then please click the download links below:
Both formats are identical vector artwork. Most people will not be able to view the EPS format, but their graphics guy will. We offer format in the event that the PDF fails to import properly. As we move forward we will have individual art elements for download, but in the interest of getting things moving we have the plate specifications and layout embedded within the files below. Any graphics company worth their salt will have no problems extracting what they need. 

Price: $74.95
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