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Q. Do you guys offer sponsorships?
A. Yes we do offer sponsorships for all levels of riders please refer to our Affiliate Support Program page.
Q. How thick are the graphics?
A. Our graphics are built using a 6 mil base with a 12 mil over laminate for a total of 18 mil. Both products are custom manufactured per our specifications and have what we believe to be the right combination of conformability and durability. We sell this same product to several other Motocross graphic companies world wide under the ProforMX vinyl brand name.
Q. Why donít you use 3M adhesive?
A. We chose to custom formulate our own adhesive that is specifically designed for the dirt bike application through years of research and development.  We are extremely happy with the product we offer and find it to be far superior to what is offered by many of our competitors.
Q. Can I order over the phone?
A. Yes you can order over the phone we are open Monday through Friday 8am-5pm PST 805-579-1111
Q. Can I change colors on Graphics?
A. Yes, but it is a case by case scenario depending on the complexity of the artwork and amount of work involved. Some situations art setup charges may have to be added.
Q. Can I send in my own logo to have put on my Graphics?
A. Yes, it is easier if your logo is already in vector format however many small businesses do not have the vector artwork. We will help you get it situated for more information on submitted logos visit our logo submission guide http://www.dirtdigits.com/productcart/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=8
Q. I crashed and destroyed a single plate or part of a graphic kit, can I get only this piece reprinted?
A. Yes, the nice thing about custom graphics is the ability to print only the desired pieces of a kit. NOTE:  If adding body plastic to your reprint order, we can not sell side plates, fork protectors or radiator shrouds individually, and must instead  be sold as a set.
Q. Are there any discounts for reprinting my previously ordered graphic kit?
A. Yes, if it is something we have already printed we can print them again and give a 20% discount as long as it is the same make/model/year bike and there are no changes.
Q. How long does it take to print my custom graphics?
A. We try to keep a very fast turnaround time however there are certain delays which are inherent to custom products such as:  Obscure, incorrect or contradicting customer details, improper billing information, excessive use of non-industry logos and or custom logos, and the addition of body plastic may delay order if not in stock.  Usually it takes only couple days for products to leave the facility and often we ship products the same day they were ordered.
Q. Can I get my club logo on my number plates?
A. Yes, you can get your club logo on the front only, sides only, or front and sides, as well as your name at no extra charge when applied to a District plate, otherwise a $10 charge will apply.
Q. Will the graphic stick to the material on my Leatt Brace?
A. Yes, we are very confident after much testing that the decals stick to the braces very well. Just make sure the brace is clean and dry prior to installation and a heat gun, or blow dryer is used during install.
Q. When I buy plastic are the decals installed for me?
A. Yes, when you purchase both decals and plastic from us we mount the decals for free, saving you a lot of time. NOTE: Not all makes and model are available for aftermarket plastic, and the addition of plastic to an order may delay your order several days or even weeks depending on availability and workload.
Q. Can I send in my plastic for you to install the decals?
A. Yes, you may send in your plastic and we will mount your Dirt Digits custom decals for a small fee. Number plates (3 plates) $10, Complete Plastic Kit $50. Please be sure to insure your plastic at time of shipping if over $100 value.
Q. How long should I wait to ride after putting on my graphics?
A. We suggest waiting 24 hours before riding to allow the application fluid to evaporate and the decals to get a complete bond to the plastic before riding.
Q. I am local to you can I pick up my order?
A. Yes, if you are local and would like to pick up your order, please make a note within the order comments section during checkout and we will not charge any shipping. However if you place an order online with intent to ship but decide post credit card charging to will call the product you forfeit your shipping money unless otherwise agreed by management. We consider this a convenience for you it costs us to perform any credits.
Q. Will my card get charged as soon as I finish placing my order online?
A. No. All custom product(s) must be reviewed by our sales staff prior to charging the credit card and will be charged either the same or next business day.
Q. Can I see the graphics before they are printed?
A. Yes, however we charge a proofing fee for the following reasons: Time is money and customers tend to waste time on frivolous details when there isnít a fee associated. We work in color separations and it takes time to convert the art into a composite rendering. Proofs delay jobs while we wait for the customerís reply and cause production delays throughout the company which cost additional money.
Q. I got my backgrounds or graphics and they do not fit?
A. If your graphics do not fit please call ASAP and if there are fitment issues please take pictures and email them to us.  We will investigate and if we find that we used the wrong template we will warranty the graphics at no charge. If you have selected the wrong model or year, then you are held responsible for the reprint of the order.
Q. I got my decals and the name is misspelled or itís the wrong number or color.
A. Please call us and we can investigate the problem, if we did something wrong we will warranty it at no charge.

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