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Bolt-On Backgrounds
If you have been riding long, you know it takes time to apply your backgrounds, and that finding the time among an approaching busy weekend isnít always easy, or practical. Add in scratched up plastic, old adhesive, or worse, applying backgrounds at the track and you are well on your way to a set of backgrounds that look like a set of topographical maps. Even in perfect conditions there is always the chance you will stretch, misalign, or trap bubbles in the graphic for a less than desirable finish.
So why bother if you donít have to?


You donít have to with Dirt Digits new Bolt-On Backgrounds solution. Bolt-On Backgrounds is your custom printed backgrounds mounted to brand-new number plate plastic ready to bolt on and go.


When you order Dirt Digits custom printed backgrounds you can upgrade to Bolt-On Backgrounds by selecting Polisport number plate plastic during the customization process and your order will automatically be pre-mounted to the plastic when they arrive at your door. Dirt Digits has the tools, the time, and the skills to deliver a perfect finish to your custom backgrounds giving you the time you need and the quality you expect all at a very reasonable price.


Preprinted backgrounds start at $49.95 and for an additional $59.95 you can add three new number plates for a total starting price of $109.90. Dirt Digits does not charge for the application of your backgrounds. Turnaround time is typically 1-2 days.


Not all models are available, and different colors may be made available at special request. Please call for details. 805-579-1111  

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